Department of Operations & Maintenance

Employee Details

Department of Operations & Maintenance
Department of O&M

Cheif Engineer

  • Name : B.K Choudhry
  • Contact No : 7763815011


  • Name : Jai Shankar Jha
  • Contact No : 7763815014


  • Name : R. K. P. Chaudhary
  • Contact No : 7763813824


  • Name : Manish Kant
  • Contact No : 7763815016


  • Name : Manisha
  • Contact No : 7763815139

Work Assigned

The department of O&M activity in NBPDCL is headed by a Chief Enginner. It is responsible for the operation & Maintenance of the electrical system covering all 33 KV, 11 KV & 400 Volt power distribution system. The system consist presently 261 nos of 33/11 KV PSS, 331 nos of 33 KV feeders, 850 nos of 11 KV feeders, approx 22000 Distribution Transformers (above 63 KVA) and approx 48000 KM LT lines. Schedules and authorization for maintenance of feeders, PSS, DSS & Lines are issued to all seven Electric Supply Circle headed by Electrical Superintending Engineers and all 28 nos of Electric Supply Division headed by Electrical Executive Engineers.O&M activity in PSS of all Electric Supply Circle of Company is carried out with the help of MRT Division team headed by Electrical Executive Engineer, MRT Division.


In previous FY 2013-14, O&M department has added 500 MVA Distribution Capacity& Installed AB Switches, VCB and other safety equipments for safe and uninterruptedpower supply. Minimum human resource for maintenance gang is made available to each Electric Supply Circle. The department has conducted detail constraint analysis in each district of present power system and submitted DPR to overcome the present situation and plan to prepare a distribution system for 2015-16. Now State Plan, Special plan, R-APDRP(Part-B) & ADB project is undergoing to achieve the target specified in DPR. Apart than above projects, O&M department has replacing dilapidated conductor on daily basis, replacing the defective VCBs and doing augmentation of Distribution Capacity In NBPDCL. We already drawl 1116 MW power with current Sub-transmission System and target is 1300 MW up to March’2015.